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What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of this site is to provide a repository of information that may be useful for anyone who would like to know more about me. I will make a reasonable effort to keep it current. 

I hope you managed to find this site by using appropriate keyword entries in a search engine. This is a rough guide of what it contains:

·       Professional information

·       Links to people, organisations or places that I am or have been associated with

·       Links to sites that I use, like, or support.

I would recommend this site to anyone that I have met briefly, and has not had sufficient time or opportunity to find out more, or to confirm any details.                    

If you don't know me at all, this site will be of little use, although you might gain some vicarious pleasure in seeing what sites I mention. They should be regarded as a useful backup, as opposed to a personal CV or virtual representation.                  

If you found this site through an incidental keyword match, then I hope it acts as a useful reference hub. Within the context of your search, perhaps you will be illuminated by a reference to a site, or two pieces of information may even become linked together beneficially.

I may have referred you to this site because I knew it contained useful information for you. In this way, the site can be used as a globally accessible information service. Linking information together must be done in a sensible fashion. Using a modern search engine, it is all too easy to find any web site with just a few keywords - so it is pointless to reproduce a facility of that type. For instance, I may mention that I like a certain product. However, I would not necessarily include a link to a product's site, unless it is one I particularly favour, or it is in someway difficult to navigate. What is important is the initial association between the product and me.

Unfortunately, I have no true control over this site’s visibility in search engines, which partly invalidates one of the reasons for having it. I am aware that by mentioning my name and other keywords in the text, it may 'rate' higher. But this hardly helps with building a modular site.