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Who is David Eastman?

This is intended as a brief description of myself, purely for people attempting to find me, or confirm my identity. Any links are for convenience only, and I don't promise to keep check on their veracity.

I'm a software developer, working for BT, writing a lot of Ruby on Rails, though over the years I have used most of the useful programming languages.

I worked on a J2ME applications for a mobile content development, and I recently completed work on an online game Eldaron. I left Oracle UK in November 2003. This isn't a CV, however.

I live in South Ealing, but am a North Londoner by birth. My father was born in what was then British Guiana (now Guyana), and my mothers family was German Jewish. She was born in Kent.

Many years ago I worked in the games industry, writing for Virgin Games with Shahid Ahmad. I wrote a small game called "Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator" and another called "Floor 13".

Perhaps Floor13 will get a retro remake?

Since then I've worked on various projects with Alex Martin. We wrote a book on UI Design

My early employers were Risk Decisions Ltd and Ashmount Reaserch (now defunct).

I play a lot of Ultimate Frisbee, with a team based in Regents Park who were until very recently called Hammerage. I used to play for Playthings. I've played with the Reading crew Discuits. Now I turn up for the ABH practice in Hyde Park.

Like most of the so called internet community, I have a few identities across different systems.